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Paolo Parma was born in Verona, Italy.

He graduated in Electronic Engineering at the Polytechnic of Milan and began to devote himself to photography during his university studies.

His first significant exhibitions are Nuovi Fotografi Veronesi, curated by Roberta Valtorta, Casa di Giulietta, Verona, 1991 and Giovane Fotografia In Veneto by Italo Zannier, Bevilacqua la Masa Foundation, Venice, 1992.

The latest are: Sequenzen Galerie Tacheles, Gmunden; Austria, 2017; Chronos, curated by Angela Madesani, Sala del Cavallo, Cologno al Serio, Bergamo, 2017; Saleterrarum, curated by Angela.Madesani, EXPO event, Villa Visconti Litta Borromeo, Lainate, Milan, 2015 and Beyond Light, curated by M.Philippot and M.Weidong, X LIANZHOUFOTO – Staging encounters Festival, Lianzhou, China, 2014.

He published Due Strade – Nel dominio, forse, dell’evanescenza, coauthor Luca Bragaja, Ed. Cierre, 2007.

His photographs are part of public and private collections, including: the Italo Zannier Archive, the Fabio Castelli Collection and the Lianzhou Photography Museum in China

All his photographs are personally printed by the author



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