THE COLORLESS GHOST OF BLOOD What is the place on earth where there was no fight? What field or vast plain, what bank of river or stream, what arid steep or wooded slope, what city or desert have not bathed down the centuries and millennia with our blood, shed by our hand? With water and earth they have always been confused, layer upon layer, lost name after name, leaf soil, stone worm dust path. In every place: nowhere. All names: no names.

2012, Silenzi, Galleria Die Mauer, curator A.Madesani, Prato, Italy

2018, presentation La morte della volpe, by Luca Bragaja, photographs by Paolo Parma, Libreria Pagina Dodici, Verona, Italy

Giclèe prints on cotton paper made by the author

edition of 5 + 2 a.p.

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