In Tales Of Waste And Imagination elements normally delivered to silence become story teller, as in the tradition of still life painting. As in a theater, the subjects closed in a black scenic arch, out-come
out of their ordinary context and are represented frontally to the viewer. a condition that predisposes to listening, analogous to that of a specular reflection.
The black that envelops objects suggests the silence necessary to “listen, understand, learn to express the remote voice of things”, which make us “sign behind the inexorable screen of matter”.
Still life is no longer the thing in itself, but becomes a symbol linked to the cultural and historical context of the spectator, it is an idea shown in a sensitive way through an analogy, where the meaning lies in the subtle relationships in the space of representation.
In this case, the narrative objects are waste taken in their original context, that after being isolated reveal an unusual dignity and beauty. A more modern reference to historical themes such as vanitas and human caducity, but also to the sense of loss and dissipation.


2018 Apparizioni, Kunsthalle West, curator  A.Madesani, Lana, Italy [ vid.1img.1 – img.2]
2017 Tales of waste and imagination, Licenza poetica, Art Farm, curator S.Azzoni, Pilastro di Bonavigo, Italy [ vid.1img.1img.2]  
2016 Moskow International Foto Award honorable mention

EDITIONS of 3+ 2 ap

Giclèe prints on cotton paper all made by the author