The night is the moment of anagnorisis about the truth of the human condition”

Paolo Parma (born 1958, Italy) lives and works in Verona, Italy.

Graduated in Electronic Engineering at the Politecnico di Milano he began to devote himself to photography at the time of his studies.

It adopts a strongly design approach where the concept of dogma is banned and everything must have a meaning and, at the same time, an explanation that contains a possible refutation. In his research, consisting of minimal images, without an apparent narrative plot, if not references and clues, one perceives a sort of common spirit, where mystery, silence, waiting underline the precariousness of everything. For his work on darkness, Beyond Light, he states, that the night is the moment of anagnorisis about the truth of the human condition.
In the dark, understood as a condition and metaphor of maximum uncertainty, one perceives one’s precariousness, which must not be a negative condition. In the dark we reappropriate a childish amazement we are induced to imagine what is only hinted at, thus assuming an autonomy of judgment, in front of what is shown to us. His images tend to pose new questions, rather than offer answers.

Parma has exhibited internationally, including at LianzhouFoto, China; The Center for Fine Art Photography, Usa; Sequenzen Galerie Tacheles, Austria; Villa Visconti Litta Borromeo EXPO event; House of the Tre Oci, Veneza; The Praxis gallery, Minneapolis, USA.

His work is part of public and private collections in Europe, the United States, Asia including: Lianzhou Museum of Photography in China, Fabio Castelli Collection, Italo Zannier archive.