Invisible cities

Photography represents a trace of reality, an experience captured. ‘What was there in place of photography, before the invention of the camera? The obvious answer is: engraving, drawing, painting. But the most enlightening answer would be: the memory. Previously the function of photography was carried out by the mind.’ So wrote John Berger in his book About Looking. But of what kind of reality – a reality that always exists, and not simply the memory of it – is photography a trace? And, following this track, what, in our new vision, changes the prey which is by now a reality out of sight? To suggest this double doubt, I tried to think about the location of the image, the one where doubt is established and deposited: in this place there have arisen the reality of doubt and its metaphor, imaginary cities, invisible projections, constructions of the mind, and all thanks to real objects assembled in my office – which no one will see.

exhibitions and contests

2022 The Shadow Aspect, Juror Sandra Chen Weistein, Praxis Gallery, Minneapolis, MN, USA
2018 Illuminate, curator Peggy Sue Amison, The center for Fine Art Photography, Fort Collins, CO, USA
2017 Sequenzen, Arte contemporanea incontra Art Brut, Galerie Tacheles, Gmunden am Transee, Austria
2017 Sequenze Italia, Arte contemporanea incontra Art Brut, Palazzo Ducale, Sabbioneta, Mantova, Italy
2017 Chronos, Città Invisibili, curator A.Madesani, Sala del cavallo, Cologno al Serio, Bergamo, Italy

EDITIONS of 3+ 2 ap

Giclèe prints on cotton paper all made by the author